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March 30, 2007

">Alan Trammell Hopes to Pick Up Ground When Hall Vote Is Revealed

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It’s getting close to that time of the year when the Hall vote is revealed.  My guess is that Goose Gossage gets in with Bert Blyleven making a jump to where he finally gets his rightful place as an inductee.  Two 1984 Tigers are still on the ballot with Alan Trammell and Jack Morris staying alive.  Both are Hall worthy in my estimation and the fact that Tram is near the low end of the voting is a complete disappointment.  Trammell actually has a higher Eqa then Cal Ripken, Jr. (.274 vs. .273) it’s just a shame that he never hit any of the big marks and he’s now being held to a high standard then when Tram was playing.

Morris is a solid choice as well although it’s hard to put him in until Blyleven gets the nod.  Still, it wouldn’t kill the voters to put either of those guys in.  And for a great look at Trammell and how he feels about his Hall chances, you should check out this column by Jason Beck.

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